New to food allergies? How to get started

Have you just been diagnosed with a food or environmental allergy?  Welcome to the allergy community!

How did I start?

Nearly 10 years ago, my lovely 5-month-old daughter had dairy for the first time and was rushed to our local hospital after having a severe allergic reaction.  I was in limbo for a short time where I didn’t know what to feed her, what food we should be avoiding, and I didn’t know anyone else who had experienced the same thing. My GP, health visitor and hospital all failed to give me the right information to help feed my baby safely. So where did I look?

As I am based in the UK I found the best places to start were

But I also used more global resources by looking at

I hope you also find this to be a good jumping off point.

At the moment there is plenty of information on Twitter and a large allergy community there (which I wish was the case 10 years ago when I started) and I was surprised to find a lot of information on Pinterest, especially if you are looking for special recipes avoiding multiple allergens. It’s another wonderful resource.

I have to say though my primary resource for information continues to be Facebook groups , especially if you join one based in your country.  I am now only in 2 groups on Facebook which I continue to find useful as my daughter heads towards her tweens and teens.

Please come and join one of our groups, especially if you are struggling with a newly diagnosed child, introduce yourself, let us know what allergies you have and you will often find multiple members of the group willing to offer help and advice.

Let me know in the comments what websites you have found useful.


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I love to write about food allergies, asthma and eczema.

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