December – Articles of Interest

When I was writing my old blog (itch, swell, ooze, wheeze) I used to read lots of abstracts every month and list them for those that were interested. I really enjoyed doing it, so with work having calmed down I think I would like to go back to that.

I enjoy reading case studies of individuals with strange allergies and large cohort studies.

This is what caught my eye this month

Clinical and Laboratory findings of barley allergy in Korean children: a single hospital based retrospective study.  This is a small scale study, but I hadn’t seen one with barley before, so it caught my eye.

A case of twin results of allergic test in twin with atopic dermatitis. This is a rare find! Studies on twins are always very interesting and I don’t think I have seen any allergy studies with twins. This is important to consider as it shows that there may be genetic factors which play a part in allergic conditions as well as environmental factors.

The role of Caesarean section in childhood asthma.  Another interesting read. Both of my children were born by caesarean section (as was I), but only my daughter with allergies suffers from asthma.

Let me know if you found any of these interesting or useful!

If you spot an article or research that you think would interest me you can message my Facebook page or tag me in a Tweet.


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I love to write about food allergies, asthma and eczema.

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