January – Articles of Interest

Differences in omega-5-gliadin allergy: East versus West. This is a full paper, omega-5-gliadin allergy is also known as wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis.  If you want an intro to what this is you can read about it on my previous blog here.

Association Between Folate Metabolites and the Development of Food Allergy in Children. It was found that higher concentrations of unmetabolised folic acid at birth were associated with the development of Food Allergy.  The cause of which was not determined, but may be due to increased exposure to synthetic folic acid in utero or underlying genetic differences in synthetic folic acid metabolism.

Peptide-glycodendrimers As Potential Vaccines for Olive Pollen Allergy. Just an abstract for this one, but I found it of interest.

Clinical Management of Seafood Allergy. Full article, very informative.

Does Allergy Break Bones? Osteoporosis and Its Connection to Allergy. Another full article – a very click-baity title it’s a good read, but please note the conclusion.  “Allergy and bone metabolism have common mediators and pathways, the available data are heterogeneous and sometimes conflicting… it is a matter of extreme complexity still in an embryonic phase of study that requires further targeted and in-depth studies”.

Transplant induced food sensitization without allergy—mechanisms of tolerance. Abstract only, case study of a man who had a stem cell transplant from a relative with a peanut allergy.

Cinnamon extract inhibits allergen‐specific immune responses in human and murine allergy models. Abstract only, this may only be of interest to me as I looked at the microbial effects of cinnamon as part of my dissertation.

Suspected allergy to titanium after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion using a Zero-P device: a case report. Abstract only, unusual case study of an allergic reaction to small screws and titanium plate which led to removal of the whole device.

Let me know if you found any of these interesting or useful.

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