April – Articles of Interest

Another month in lockdown here in the UK, I have lost all track of time and have no idea what week we are in! I only just remembered this morning to look at what was published last month with regards to allergy. As we are on a global go-slow there hasn’t been much that caught my eye, but I did enjoy these!

Lemon seed allergy: a case presentation

Mechanisms of eosinophilic inflammation

A Day in the life of an Allergist: Food Allergies

This is a really nice read, by Claudia Gray who is a Paediatric Allergy Consultant in Cape Town

Novel Cross-Reactivity Syndrome: Severe Allergy to Ingested Quorn (Mycoprotein) in a Mould-Allergic Adolescent

Apple Allergy—Development of Tolerance Through Regular Consumption of Low-Allergen Apples. An Observational Study – This is just an abstract, but I have seen apple allergy pop up more and more, you can read more about it here from information compiled by the University of Manchester.

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I love to write about food allergies, asthma and eczema.

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