January Allergy Articles

All the latest allergy, asthma and eczema news!

I spent the last month searching the internet for the most interesting allergy, asthma and eczema news and articles, so you don’t have to! Take a look at what I found.

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Long-term impact of hymenoptera venom immunotherapy on clinical course, immune parameters, and psychosocial aspects

Practical recommendations for the allergological risk assessment of the COVID-19 vaccination – a harmonized statement of allergy centers in Germany

Occupational immediate type allergy to soapnut and quillaja bark

Association between maternal vegetable intake during pregnancy and allergy in offspring: Japan Environment and Children’s Study

Atopic eczema in adulthood and mortality: UK population–based cohort study, 1998-2016

Tick exposures and alpha-gal syndrome: A systematic review of the evidence

Chronic Urticaria in Children – New Insights from a Large Cohort

Serum vitamin D, sun exposure and clinical attributes of local patients with respiratory allergies

Heterogeneity of Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome in Seven Southern European Countries: the @IT.2020 Multicenter Study

Cockroach allergy in Durban

Eosinophilia in Asthma Patients Is Protective Against Severe COVID-19 Illness

Who Is Really at Risk for Anaphylaxis Due to COVID-19 Vaccine?

Identification of Risk Factors and Cross-Reactivity of Local Anesthetics Hypersensitivity: Analysis of 14-Years’ Experience

Cow’s Milk Allergy or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease—Can We Solve the Dilemma in Infants?

Cow’s milk allergy in infancy and later development of type 1 diabetes–nationwide case‐cohort study

Avoidance of Hen’s Egg Based on IgE Levels Should Be Avoided for Children With Hen’s Egg Allergy

Hazelnut Allergy

Contact Allergy to Nickel: Still #1 After All These Years

Recurrent acute pancreatitis secondary to sesame allergy

Non-celiac wheat sensitivity: rationality and irrationality of a gluten-free diet in individuals affected with non-celiac disease: a review

Let me know if you found any of these interesting or useful.

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