CARPA – Complement Activation-Related Pseudo-Allergy

What is CARPA?

The Complement System is the name of a group of proteins which circulate in the blood and tissue fluids. They are activated by the presence of molecular components they don’t recognise. This can be bacteria or viruses, but also damaged human cells and drug components they have never encountered before.

The proteins become sequentially activated in an enzyme cascade which can trigger an inflammatory immune response. This is what the term Activation-Related refers to.

Pseudo-Allergy means that the reaction is not a genuine IgE allergy but can present itself as one. A genuine allergy means that the body reacts in the same or similar way every time it is exposed to a specific allergen and can be detected by an IgE blood test. A pseudo-allergic reaction can be a single incident that would not be repeated on a subsequent exposure to the same allergen and would not show any sensitisation in an IgE blood test.

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