Food Allergy: Bet v 1 Proteins

What are they?

The scientific name for birch tree is Betula verrucosa. Bet v 1 is the name of the most common allergen found in birch tree pollen (Learn more about how allergy proteins are named). It is considered to be the sensitising allergen which can go on to cause allergies to multiple pollens and foods.

Bet v 1 proteins are also known as PR-10 proteins (pathogenesis related) as they are used by plants as a defence against disease and predators.

These proteins are considered to be secondary allergens as they only cause allergic reactions as a result of cross reactivity between similarly shaped proteins.

These proteins vary from species to species in how the allergenicity is changed due to heat. Most studies show Bet v 1 proteins are generally not heat resistant and will be broken down after cooking, processing or removal of fruit skin/rind.

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