May – Articles of Interest

Another month has gone by in lockdown, the children are not back at school yet and we intend to continue as we have been until the end of June and then see how things are going in the UK.

Here is my quick round-up of published allergy and eczema articles this month and what I have found interesting.

Flagellate dermatitis caused by the intake of shiitake mushrooms. A case report and review of the literature

My first thought on this one was “what is flagellate dermatitis?”, it’s a linear rash that resembles whiplash marks and it is very closely associated with consumption of shiitake mushrooms.

Galactose-α-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal) allergy: first pediatric case in a series of patients in Spain

Alpha gal allergy is an allergy to proteins found in meat.

Allergic hypersensitivity to garlic and onion in children and adults

This one is of personal interest to me as my brother and maternal aunt are both sensitive to garlic. 

Milk allergy most burdensome in multi‐food allergic children

Yes it is, in our family at least!  The study concluded that parents whose children have multiple food allergies, including milk, report milk as the allergy associated with the greatest time, financial , social and emotional burdens.

Likely questionnaire-diagnosed food allergy in 78, 890 adults from the northern Netherlands

I love these large scale studies, in this one they found  apple was the most prevalent reported allergenic food, followed by cow’s milk and hazelnut.  If you want to read more about apple allergies, I put some more resources together on this just last month.

Is it necessary to avoid all legumes in legume allergy?

Food allergy severity prediction: quite a way to go yet?

Stay safe everybody wherever you are!

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I love to write about food allergies, asthma and eczema.

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