July – Articles of Interest

I have been putting together resources for different uncommon allergens, so have been reading a lot more articles and research papers than usual, so there is a lot to look at below.

This is what I found this month, I hope you find something that interests you!

Alpha-gal syndrome: challenges to understanding sensitization and clinical reactions to alpha-gal. Alpha-gal syndrome can develop after a bite from a lone star tick, it causes an allergy to red meat. It is becoming better understood.

New insights into food protein-induced enterocolitis in children. FPIES is sometimes referred to as a delayed food allergy, if you want to find out more check out this website, https://www.fpiesuk.org/

Shock in a Newborn: A Rare Cause. In this case a diagnosis of FPIES was made.

Symptoms of gluten ingestion in patients with non-celiac gluten sensitivity – a randomized clinical trial

Safety of a GFD in Pregnant Women Without Celiac Disease: Investigating Ingrained Habits. GFD = gluten free diet.

Persistence of peanut allergen-derived peptides throughout excessive dry thermal processing

Food‐Induced Anaphylaxis in Infants, as Compared to Toddlers and Preschool Children in Turkey

Fish Allergy: Fishing for Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Options. Want to read more resources about fish allergies? Click here.

Update on pollen-food allergy syndrome. Also known as Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Non-IgE-Mediated Gastrointestinal Food Allergies in Children: An Update

Veganism and paediatric food allergy: two increasingly prevalent dietary issues that are challenging when co-occurring

The impact of COVID-19 on patients with asthma

Methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone contact allergy: a 24‐year, single‐center, retrospective cohort study from Turkey

Let me know if you found any of these interesting or useful.

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